Why are we sharing our stories NOW?

I‘ve been listening to the news lately for the first time in my life. Rachel Maddow. Stephen Colbert. I consider them news – they tell the truth the way I perceive it. Then I read story after story after story of surviving sexual assault on Facebook. So many women I know are sharing their stories. I’m not sure why. 

Because now there’s a forum to be heard? Because only the hugest assholes would dare respond inappropriately? Because now, finally, there’s a chance they’ll be believed? Because they’ve already lost so much, they figure there’s nothing more to lose and perhaps much to be gained by sharing – but what is to be gained?

If we all flood the pages of every book and newspaper and Facebook feed with stories of our pain and suffering and abuse at the hands of men, what will happen? Will the Senate Judiciary Committee full of old white men realize this is the wrong time to put Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court? Will Clarence Thomas breathe a sigh of relief he got in under the wire? Will men get scared into decency? Will their behavior change? Will they think a moment before drunkenly wagging their dicks in a girl’s face at a frat party? Will they have more self-awareness and cultural awareness? Will they begin to have an inkling of self-doubt about their dominance in the world?

Or will they, like our country, instead reassert themselves and go all in like we did by electing Trump – the last gasp of a dying mammoth who is wreaking havoc with his dying breath, trying to procreate so his species doesn’t die out once and for all?

Trump told the UN we are opposed to globalism. We are in favor of patriotism. The root of patriotism is pater – Latin for father – makes sense.

Where do we go from here? Will women’s assertions begin to shift things and make the world a kinder gentler place? May it be so.

Richmond, VA USA. Susan Singer is a passionate artist/writer/activist/human being who wants people to grow up and act nice. NOW.