The Body Talks Back

I took a workshop this summer at the Chrysalis Institute to learn some new ways to journal beyond the day to day accounting of life, activities and emotions. One suggested writing prompt was to have a conversation with a body part. I chose to do a full body interview starting with my head. . .I like my smile, okay with my hair. My breasts thanked me for not judging their size, or lack of, and not depending on them to attract or define my beauty or femininity. But when I reached my center, my abs, my butt, my legs, I should not have been surprised to hear the sorrow in their laments. Why do you hate us? You are always complaining about how big, fat and ugly we are. Sure, you’ve stopped saying these things out loud, but you think them all the time. Why? We are strong, said my legs, and have carried you gracefully, or as gracefully as we could, through this life, getting you from place to place. We took you on not one but two marathons and many other races so you could feel proud and accomplished. We allowed you to bend down and scoop up your children, four children, and love them and chase after them and keep them safe. Then my abs chimed in, we helped to provide the safe haven for these four special beings when the rest of us knew they were here, even before you did. We were their first sacred home. And together, all of us, arms, tummy, thighs, will work together to welcome the children of your children. We will be a soft, warm lap, a loving hug, an always welcoming second home.

Chesterfield, VA.