Lost and Found

I am the cautionary tale.
The wheelchair thief
in the hospital room
rolling away
from the steel railed bed,
and my father dying.
Of skinned knees 
and bowl cut bangs,
reaching down
the rabbit hole,
in the Oatey’s side lot 
after touch football
to yellow jacket stings.
The coin toss choice
in bell bottom jeans
and a college degree
choosing homes
by the sound
of their names:
Round Rock, 
Bar Harbor, 
and Lacey Springs,
The master class 
in fickle love
The right foot
in the left shoe
Falling for the one
with ice in her eyes,
a beeper, 
and an exit plan,
I am the thank you note to her.
The found in the lost
The heart rock
On the farther shore.

Richmond, VA USA