Darwin And The Alien

There was a knock on the door.
Darwin, at first, just ignored.
There were four knocks the second time.
Darwin thought opening the door might be fine.
He did this and what he saw made his jaw drop to the floor.
Standing there was not something of Earth.
It had two legs and three arms at it's birth.
But now grown up, it had three legs and four arms.
For some reason, Darwin was not filled with alarm.
He could only stare in awe at the creature from Galapurth.
And then it left. It turned around and walked away.
"Wait!" Darwin cried. The creature had nothing to say.
While in the front yard, the creature disappeared.
Darwin looked for the creature day after day.
He told his friends and neighbors of what he had seen.
He told them of it's three arms, four legs, and skin that was green.
They told him he was wack. They called him insane.
They all thought there was something wrong with his brain.
Darwin grew old and never let go of what people thought had only been a dream.
One morning when Darwin was eighty five-years-old,
There was a knock on the door. The weather was cold.
To the knocking, Darwin did not respond.
The alien waited. Maybe Darwin was gone.
After waiting for the whole day, the creature began to feel bold.
The alien unlocked and opened the front door, using alien technology.
It walked through the house. The bookshelves were dusty.
The alien entered the old man's bedroom.
He was met with a sight that filled him with gloom.
Darwin, in his bed, was dead, as far as the alien could see.
Decades earlier, the alien had to leave with no time to talk.
The alien should have come back earlier. Darwin was now as dead as a rock.
The alien carried the man to a spaceship a few miles away.
Into space they went. Earth was not a place for the old man to stay.
The alien buried Darwin on the beautiful planet of Salenok.

Richmond, VA.