Where I am from

I am from Richmond, Virginia. Richmond is known throughout the easter region of the US as a growing city, VCU, restaurants, the James River, and more. Yes, this is the place where I am from. However, I view Richmond differently than most people, most who have never even been to Richmond. This is the place where I was born, took my first steps, spoke my first words, and grew up. Richmond is the place where all of my family and friends live. It is the place where I have made thousands of good memories; memories that I will never forget. Richmond, to me, is a collection of different memories. MY collection. As I travel through the city, nearly every day, my memory is constantly jogged by seeing some of the most random places or objects. I will tell whoever is in the car with me, "Oh look, there is the place where one of my best friends had her Bat Mitzvah!" Or, "Oh look, there's the neighborhood I went trick or treating in when I dressed up like a Newsie!" Sometimes, it's "There's the place where my friend and I stopped to dance around the streetlight, like a scene from an old movie!" So yes, I am not denying that Richmond is known for these different things - I will be one of the first to tell you that it is. But, Richmond is my hometown. Even though I might move away someday, I will forever remember that this is the place I grew up. It is the place where I will making new memories for days to come, as well as to remember old ones, for years into the future.