I Just Woke Up From a Nap

My close friend always jokes that I start my stories to her with, "I just woke up from a nap." It's true. I take one nearly every day. They help me reset my busy mind. They punctuate one activity or adventure from the other. 

Today, I woke up from a nap to head out to a writing class. Earlier today, I was in the Outer Banks eating fresh oysters, drinking New Zealand Pinot Grigio and glowing after two days on the water getting to know someone new. He's on his way back home now. He probably wishes he had a nap, too. 

After today's nap, I am ready to start a long week of writing. I have about five articles, three major projects and an ex boyfriend to say goodbye to. He's moving to Denver next week. He asked to get together to catch up before he goes. He's the one who taught me the power of napping, the power of the pause. We share a lot of stories that start with "I just woke up from a nap." These days, they are only my stories. 

It is my before and my after each time. I nap when I want. I wake up and do what I want. I always look forward to the next moment I wake up and get to start fresh and go on a new adventure.

Richmond, VA. Megan is a freelance writer, blogger and content creator. read more of her work: http://www.sweetsauceblog.com.

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