One Day...

One day, kids will be back with their families.
One day, the orange man in office will be impeached.
One day, there will be a way to stop the ice caps from melting.
One day, the KKK will be nothing but the laughing stock of history books.
One day, the Oval Office won't release news by way of Twitter rants.
One day soon, we will all realize what a threat global warming is.
One day, school children won't have to think of active shooter drills and bullet proof backpacks.
One day, Putin will suffer the consequences for all of the terrible things he has done.
One day, movements like #metoo will be seen as revolutionary.
One day soon, the president will stop obsessing over tariffs.
One day, this will all just seem like a bad American dream.
One day, the idea of making a fifteen dollar minimum wage will not be seen as radical.
One day, bees won't go extinct.
One day more than a few centuries later, humans will not be extinct because of global warming.
One day, the world will look back at these times of tumult and conflict and be thankful that they are over.

by Georgia Leipold and Sasho Radoulov

Richmond, VA, USA