Reasons To Quit

Reasons to quit writing? There isn’t enough paper in this notebook to write them all down.

Twice last year, on two of my blog posts, comments were posted by my former husband. It’s not as if we’re in touch; it’s not as if we’re friends. Really, we never were. But he felt compelled to share his opinion on one post that did reference our marriage, though it spoke more to my inability to stay faithful, both to him and to Jesus, and the ultimate disappointment that followed. So although I was writing about my failure as both a wife and a believer, he read the whole piece as though it was about him. Much like our marriage, where everything I did or said or thought or imagined had to be about him, now too was everything I wrote.

The other post had less than nothing to do with him, but merely an off-hand comment on the NRA’s “ridiculously violent slogan” (you know that one? – “you can have my gun when you rip it from my cold dead hand”) which set him off on a rant, one to remind me that gun ownership is a constitutional right, and that guns are used to protect our freedom, including my freedom to write whatever I want. Never mind that I wasn’t writing about gun ownership, that I was writing about friendship – but there is no fight to pick there.

Then he took to Facebook messenger to criticize me again about my writing. It was a rather long message, which ended with him saying that he always knew I’d be a good writer, but it was just too bad that everything I wrote was bullshit. Except that he didn’t spell out bullshit, but instead wrote bull***t, on account of he’s such a Christian.

Reasons to quit writing? Being attacked by an asshole. Reasons to keep writing? Being attacked by an asshole.


Richmond, VA

Sema Wray posts 300 word blogs on The above was written in response to reading the “Reasons to Quit” chapter of The Halfway House for Writers by Valley Haggard. It is an excellent book. You should buy it, if you haven’t already.


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