An Ode

I’ve found that writing about someone you share your life with is harder than writing about almost anything else. Maybe what makes it difficult to write about is the deep intimacy of everyday life, the inside jokes, shared pain, shared tears, shrieks of laughter together, stupid fights and serious ones, hundreds of hellos and goodbyes, weeks that seem endless and years that go faster than we know how to hold onto. How can you possibly put into words what it all means in a way that honors the sacredness of living this life with someone you love to the depths of your soul? I don’t think I can find just the right words. I think all I can say is that I was awakened when she came into my life. I was shocked when she happened to me. She showed me herself, and I showed her myself, and we held up mirrors for one another and we grew up together and are still growing to this very day. She is my wife, the one my soul loves against all odds, against more obstacles than I could’ve imagined and with more joy than I knew was possible. There’s really no other way to say it except that she is the light and love of my life.


Melissa loves her wife, Courtney, and wants everyone to know it. She also enjoys writing, laughing, and getting lost in her imagination.

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