A Prayer for Connection

I pray that for each single piece, drifting in isolation, each satellite, watching the activity in others’ lives and feeling apart, that some gravity, some love, pulls you into orbit.

I pray that the child alone finds a ball to kick, a card to flip, a book to read, a hand to hold that quiets the echo of the empty spaces.

I pray that the sound of the river, the rain, the hawk, that the sight of rolling hills and lightning bugs, that honeysuckle and weeds growing through concrete affirm for the lonely a sense of connection to something else.

I pray that, on the day you are losing hope, you drop your packages and are helped by a stranger. When your eyes meet, you may hear a symphony, or you may just have a moment’s recognition, a reminder that there are others, with stories, inhabiting your space.

I pray that, in the face of fear, we can love, that we know our value in the Universe, that we hold hope.


Richmond, VA