I Draw the Invisible Line

It’s been the past few months, a roller coaster. I wonder if there is something in the brain that changes and makes time pass more quickly as you get older?

It’s probably the same biological change that makes me wake up at odd hours. I listen to the faucet drip in January cold.

In the night, I picture a line dripping from that faucet all the way down into the earth.

In spite of what amounts to age and the speedy passage of time, I’m still too hard on myself. My standards for self are unreachable, untouchable in the air like that line.

Maybe, after all, it’s time to be a person of faith who recognizes his earthly limitations, loves and accepts himself, and flushed the rest of the rubbish and hang ups.

Whether dawn or a late hour, time to trust, believe, give, and press on. Yes, that sounds about right.



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