At Pentecost

At the end of this long journey
A chair was waiting, a place to rest, 
To sit, to ponder, to understand, perhaps
For the first time, the center of love’s desire,
Holding time still, opening every chamber,
Burning marrow, a fire filling, refining, unbinding
Every fear, leaving no trace of old pretenses. 

Learn to sit in the place where
the Spirit has been waiting for you. 
Rest from the hard journey of seeking God, 
the Spirit will know you are ready. 
Pentecost will happen again. That is when
you will feel the rushing wind
the thunder within, 
your lips will have tongues of fire, 
the earth will shake with joy,
everything will be springtime, budding with life
and you will join again every living creature in song.


Richmond, VA

I've had Pentecost moments in many chairs. This last one came while Jennifer was cutting my hair the Saturday before Pentecost. Great timing.

Melvin DowdyComment