This Time of the Year

There are some mornings that I just, glide.

Where I leave my apartment, head for the metro, and have no idea how I get to work - but suddenly I'm showing my badge to the front desk couple, saying good morning, and my thought bubble is hissing COFFEEEE.

Other mornings it's like weights are strangling my ankles, tripping me on purpose on my way to the shower, and everything says DLY, indicating a delay.

And DLY isn't just metro terminology, it means don't go. Don't get out of bed this morning. Don't open the door to the rest of the day just yet. Just a few more minutes. DLY. Not yet.

So I stall on mornings I should rush, but I only really ever rushed for you.

Even you had mornings where the tea kettles tune was a whisper of sweet nothings encouraging you to stay, the siren song making you linger until I'd remind you that the day is waiting and she can be really nasty if you don't come at her beckon call.

I'm one of those people that needs a reason to get out of bed in the morning but need no excuse other than a beautiful day to leave work early.

And work hardly gets done around this time of year because all I can think about is the glare of my sunglasses, lonely, waiting for me to scoop them off the dash and take them for a ride.

But riding isn't as fun as gliding - so I turn my brain off, walk so hard my shins scream and pray to feel less DLY tomorrow.


Hanover County, VA

Currently working in the District of Columbia to ensure that everyone receives the best educational options possible!