I am from ME

I am from Virginia.
I am from Bill and Emma Lou.
I am from my own damn self, and don’t you forget it.
I am from God and air and the Universe.
I am from cosmic dust all swirled together to make me.
I am from pencils and pens and markers and paper and pastels and paint
that help me understand and define where I’m from.
I am from suburban streets, not treacherous woods.
I am from Germany, last lifetime and this.
I am from friendships forged and broken,
I am from the cradles of my friends’ arms holding me tight in the grief of my soul.
I am from the Spirit of my children coming through me and teaching me soul.
I am from loving my husband ferociously, 
hating the loss of him with the same ferocity, 
tentatively reaching out to him to try again.
I am from fire and water and Earth and dance.
I am from exuberance and passion.
I am from power and presence and clarity.
I am from the power of God pouring through me.
I am from intellect and passion and heart and spirit.
I am from everything that ever happened to me and
everything I’ve had to heal from and
everyone I’ve chosen to forgive and
everything I’ve created and
everything I’ve ever done.
I am from salt and stone, earth and rock.
I am from sea water and air, bone and hair.
I am.


Richmond, VA

Susan Singer is an artist, writer, teacher, adventurer, and healing human being whose path has been and is rocky and revolutionary and gorgeous and fun and grief-filled and hard and simple and wonderful and wondrous.

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