28 - The age of my birth Mom when she admits to the adoption agency that she lied about who was my Dad. 

28- The year I learned that lawyers were not paragons of justice as portrayed on TV and feely hands? Fox meet hen house.

28- The year I lost my mind (see above) & said, "No more".

28 - the age of my younger 1/2 brother who needed a passport & learned of my existence for the 1st time by necessity of bureaucratic red tape & suspicion of Grandma delay, denial, hemming & hawing about his birth certificate and finally, "Ask your Mama," who, when cornered, says "Yes, by the way, you have an older sister. Her name is Lisa."


Richmond, VA

I am now 2x the age of 28. This piece is based on actual events in my life and was inspired by Valley's Life in 10 minutes exercise. I like the concept of Life in 10 minutes. It removed my inner critic to the sidelines long enough for the good, raw stuff, to jump my brain fence and hurdle onto the page.

Mary CarpenterComment