Saving the Action Figure

So now my thoughts turn
back to the times I took my
plastic figures

and encased them in ice.
You see, they had been frozen
by a nefarious villain.

But what to do when I was ready
to thaw them, playing again?
I chipped away at them, taking
a blade with a strange curve,

and in the process lost a drop
of blood. I pricked my wrist and knew
this was a dangerous place, so
went inside with streaming tears.

The scar is still there, but then so
am I, so the danger was not so great
after all.

And what of my poor Batman
toy? He lost his leg as I chipped too
much, the clear victim in this story.

There is still a part of me
that wants to line up plastic figurines
now and then, spin them through
the air, and

try not to let go of childish-silly


Tennessee, US

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