I am from

I am from the Solar III neighborhood
I am from tuxedo cats and dead strip malls
I am from Duke’s Mayonnaise and Ukrop’s Supermarkets
I am from warm, itchy sprawl
I am from dogwood trees and lady slippers
I am from saying hello to the ocean and watching the bees

I am from Ruth and Bubba and Mary Jane
I am from where it smells like bees and ants
I am from Drug Abuse Resistance Education
I am from other/none
I am from I love you too much to eat you

I am from Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and fish sticks
I am from The Case of the Melted He–Man Sword
I am from Henrico Doctor’s Hospital, following twenty-four hours of labor


Richmond, VA

Llewellyn is a graphic designer who likes to help people (including herself) clarify messages, identify character–defining features, and play with image–making tools. You can find evidence of these things at llewellynhensley.com and https://www.instagram.com/llewellyn.hensley/