21 things that didn't work that night when I was 16

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I don’t want to.

Please, let’s wait until we know each other better.

It’s better if we wait.

I’m not ready.

I’d rather not.

Please don’t do that.

My father said I have to be a virgin when I get married, so I can’t.

No, thank you.

I made a mistake.  I want to stop.

I’m feeling coerced.

I don’t want to do this.

This feels bad.  Please stop.

I’m afraid.

We might get caught.

I might get pregnant.

It doesn’t feel good.

I don’t like it.

That hurts.

Please stop.


Richmond, VA

Susan Singer has been journaling since she was 9. It is how she finds the answers to life's most pressing questions. Recently she has begun creating Visual Journals which include both written and visual expression. She will be teaching two Visual Journaling classes at Life in 10 Minutes beginning in June. http://www.lifein10minutes.com/visual-journaling-with-susan-singer/

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