Lizzy Was Love

I was a lily white little baby girl
a thirsty sponge.... like all babies are
ready to absorb the world around me
I can still remember her dark face
and her deep-throated laugh
the way her plump arms gathered me
into the center of magical, warm hugs
the sound of lullabies she sang to me

if she didn't love me like a mother
I never knew it, to me Lizzy was love
while my mother was away at work
Lizzy rubbed camphor oil on my gums
and rocked me to sleep when I teethed
it was she who encouraged my first steps
caught me when I fell, wiped my tears
Lizzy was a good woman, beautiful woman

I never thought about her skin color
I just knew that when the red-gold curls
of my tiny head rested on her ample bosom
I was safe, loved and all was right in my world
she took my bottle away and gave me a cup
I thought her heartless and hated her
but soon forgot my hate surrounded by her love
Lizzy was black and beautiful, Lizzy was love
because of her, color has never mattered to me


Chesterfield, VA

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