Writing Spots

Writing, for me, sometimes comes in spots. I’m talking about waves of creativity, bursts of verbal energy, followed by lulls.

This is especially true of poetry. I will write what I suppose to be my last poem ever, then find three or four other striking word/phrase combinations that inspire me.

I record these in a little journal that has a dusty, comforting road on the front. Then I return to these words and create poems around them. Usually they connect to some experience, recent or long ago.

But, wait.

There is one aspect of all of this that I want to work on. It’s the disturbing pattern that my lulls are often just preceded by a string of rejections.

It’s one thing to pull back to do some reading. Sometimes thinking about writing and dipping into reading is a healthy step. You have to read in order to write.

Maybe it’s because I have just watched the movie The Greatest Showman, with the song “This is Me,” reverberating in my waking Sunday mind...but why be so sensitive to rejection?

So, that’s a question for me to work on. The challenge is to write and be, regardless of the criticism (constructive and destructive). The challenge I’m giving myself is overlap those reading and writing spots.

That way, even if The Prestigious Journal of Fame never says yes, my creativity still has the opportunity to live on. At the end of the day, the writing continues.



JD DeHart is a writer and teacher. Be blogs about books and authors at readingandlitresources.blogspot.com.

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