It's Personal

I've been meaning to revisit this space for some time. I get a lot out of this free-write situation at Life in 10. I've been growing and improving as a writer in my professional life. I know it's partly thanks to this part of Internet land. It's an important part of my evolution as a person. The thing is, every time I come here to write, I only have incredibly deep and vulnerable stories to reminisce on and retell. I want to arrive here with a funny story to tell. I want to forget the sadness I carry around with me. I almost forget how sad some of my stories are until I tell them to new ears and feel the energy in the room change. I don't want to have to worry about hurting the people I would like to write about. 

Here I am, a story teller, who has a hard time telling her own stories. It's quite the pickle. I want to tell a story about a new guy I met, but I recently broke up with my boyfriend of six years and he'd certainly read it. I want to pen a story about how I learned I'm attracted to women, but don't want to offend the beautiful women I've come to love. I want to write a story about how frustrating my mother is and how I never want to be like her, but she's always on my social profiles seeing what I'm up to. I want to tell a story about my brother and how the random tufts of hair on his shoulder always made me crack up, but that would end inevitably up sad. I want to tell everyone about a guy who spread herpes around Richmond with reckless abandoned and ruined women's chances at a care free sex life. I want to write a story about my recent phone call from my dad. 

So, instead, I write stories about other people and share them with the world--triumphant stories of hope and dedication and creativity. I ask everyone I meet 52 questions and figure out what stories they have to share and tell. Maybe they need to get something off their chest. Maybe they need to build a business and just need the world to know. In a way, they are my stories, too. Their experiences and dreams become mine. They help me understand my own stories. They help me love myself and the future ahead. 

I'll be back and promise to write a story for you. One of mine.


Richmond, VA

Megan Wilson is a writer for a variety of magazines and newspapers and the founder of

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