Pelvic Shrine

He says he wants to hold this pelvis of mine
which splits through me like an aged log
A relic of the young tree
frost -cracked within the woodland of hopes and dreams
Overcompensating bark armor

The gift of these words is deafening
The intention a far cry from the wounds past inflicted

With that intention, a reminder of the void
The Heart recoils and then rolls into remembrance
of a whole young tree
Reaching up to the heavens
Connecting and growing
Unfolding with the humid air, wet dew and sweet musty scent

Roots devoted toward earth soil and sustenance
Beneath the stories of women and men
Conquering the atmospheric neglect and blight
Accepting the tenderness of breath and vigor

Adoration and care shatter
patterns and defenses
Once the region of void, shame, distress and destruction -
the fear site of blood and fertility
an almost-return to the earth
in entirety

Surrender births expansion
Familial patterns reach a threshold
sparking progress like the cell cycle
Innate wisdom of division
Dehydrated leaves floating downward
with triumph and glee
cut from the branch
In natures time
repair and renewal

An opening to possibility
in the birthplace of saplings
A new perspective of the same infinite cycle
of the mother and the father

Soul is seen and enveloped in this union
Embraced by the chaos of that sweet falling tree
Caught by the mere vision of a strong spongy thicket
Cherished by his whole-hearted trust
of the natural order that effortlessly supports
the existence of the canopy.


Richmond, VA

Sunae HarketComment