Who Am I

Who am I? First and foremost, a believer – one who thinks and feels there is a Creator and the universe is headed somewhere. Call it being teleological if you need a stronger term.

Then, a husband and son and, one day I hope, a father. My family relationships are a series of roots that ground me. I am and always will be the best parts of where I am from, which is stone like the mountains.

Next, I am a teacher who is sometimes disappointed with the reality of people but always enamored with their possibility. I'm always searching for ideas. I want to make the world a better place by acting in a way that represents the best. I fail at this often.

A desire for learning central to my work.

I am a writer. Yes, I am, and I own it. One who has tried his hand at a variety of publications, sometimes poetry, sometimes essays. Recently, research.

I always hope to write something.

I am a lister, Mr. Ruthless Perfectionist. One who has been making lists a long time to feel adequate, to feel like an overcomer.

No more lists. This is who I am.

JD DeHartComment