A Not So Candid Letter to The Jewish Princess

There are so many things I would say to you; to release the pain, to feel free to express who I really am, and to request the dignified treatment so sought from you. If only you'd accept them at face value, instead of twisting them into weapons to hurl at me in your attempts to deny and deflect your part in it. Past experiences, over and over, have proven time and again that any words offered in my true and rightful defense; you, sadly - though expertly - will grab them from beginning to end, turning a word here, changing a word there, inserting a lie here and another falsehood there - take anything and everything in your sick arsenal, to make me look like a bigger monster than your original insensitivity and indiscretion had been.

Nothing is off limits in your sordid and convoluted bag of tricks; deflecting ALL ills in your world onto someone else - always someone else - never yourself. Then you spread these mutilated words far and wide to garner your anticipated support. Giving yourself justification for wrong actions so 'the others' can un-see me. What a perverse course of events, you get praise and petted up - I become more and more invisible. It still surprises me (though it shouldn't) they have never connected the dots and discovered that you do that to them too. 

ALL of life, in the J.P.s mind, revolves around her comfort, delusions and false infallibility. Such a sad and pitiable thing to never grow up .... both for the Distorter and those who try to please them.

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