Snap Judgments

Three of us decided to create an art exhibit called "Black Lives Matter" a couple of years ago in response to the tragic events resulting in the deaths of many Americans due to their race and as a result of fear on the part of the authorities.

We were able to obtain a receptive venue and engage a talented and socially sensitive group of artists spanning races, ages, and occupations, with a shared sense of conscience and purpose.

Recently an old friend who moved away many years ago, phoned me to inform me she was in the hospital with hip challenges. After chatting a bit about that she asked me what was new with me.

After I responded that we were getting ready for our second "Black Lives Matter" exhibition, she fired bullets of hate at me.

"Oh NO, NO, NO! How COULD you Do such a thing? They are ANIMALS, TRASH, GHETTO! HOW can you associate with people like that? Low class, ignorant, lazy, good - for-nothing people? You are better than that."

Although this angered me, I calmly asked her how she felt qualified to make such accusations without even meeting the individuals she was referring to. 

As a matter of fact, one person is an MD, many are professors at local universities, and in our group are professionals from quite a range of occupations.

After the hate went into rewind mode, I hung up on her. I texted her, "It is you who is ignorant and hate filled. Many of them are far more educated than you or me. How DARE you presume to judge people I know who you have never met? You are the ghetto you speak of."

Another of my dearest friends, an articulate, and in her words, "blessed and highly-favored" friend who happens to be African - American, loves word-smithing. Her siblings do too.

I asked her why, on social media, some people who are intellectuals choose to communicate as though they are from an impoverished, ghetto, background. She told me that they think it is fun to make fun of the language and communicate to one another as though they had that sort of background.

An HR consultant to our job seekers group advised us to disconnect with friends and activities on social media who reflect poorly upon us. Employers review candidate sites and they reject candidates based upon comments they see.

My friends are my friends - - unless they become hate-filled roadblocks to progress. HR departments make snap judgments on a daily basis, removing the humanity from Human Resources.


Richmond, VA

I'm a local artist with a background as an educator. I have strong administrative skills and am interested in making a contribution to a worthy organization. As a life-long learner, opportunities to learn, grow, and travel are appreciated.

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