Quality of Life

Yesterday evening, I bathed myself, trimmed my cuticles and my nails on both hands and feet. I thought of the podiatrist appointments that I need to take my clients to, next week...

When I am old, will I allow myself to pay for someone else to clip my nails, comb my hair, floss and brush my teeth, clean my body, shower me, wipe my ass; see me naked in order to give me personal care of the things that, at 60 years old, I still feel privileged to accomplish on my own?

Yesterday, I heard: 

"I don't feel like myself, anymore. I might as well be dead, I am so much trouble!"

"Yes, it would be okay, I guess, if you come and help me in my home, today."

"My daughters made me visit THREE nursing homes, at Thanksgiving! I am NOT ready to move!... Am I?"

"No, I want you to take THIS route! I know where I am going more than your GPS does!"

"My foot-brace hurts, but, at the age of 92, I am NOT going to get my PCP involved!"

"Yes! I like the way you cut my hair, it is beveled in the back, just like I like it! You should be a hairdresser!"

"I cannot stand drinking Boost! It makes me full and I don't want to eat. No wonder I am not gaining any weight!"

"I hate using my walker, and I don't know why I need to use it around my house! I am NOT a Fall-Risk!"

"Why do you have to know what my doctor told me? You should let me go in there, alone!"

I do wonder what kind of person I will be when my quality of life is compromised and I have to allow help from people I do not know, or trust. I am a private, independent, and "difficult woman", too!

Richmond, VA USA. Looking at mid-life, trying to care for myself and empathize with those who cannot care for themselves.