Bubbles in the Stream

Find your own expression in the form. Even when doing the identical thing as someone else, you do it the way you would, not the way they would. Take care of the form and yourself in the expression. 

Boredom doesn’t exist in the meditative world, because boredom is wishing to do something else while waiting for something better to start. 

I watched bubbles flow down the small artificial brook that feeds the koi pond at the Zen center in the woods. The bubbles form under a small waterfall. The same water all goes over the drop but bubbles assume different shapes and sizes on the other side. Some bubbles popped as they collided with two pine needles stuck in the rocks about halfway down the channel. Some bounced off the pine needles and continued, only to pop soon after. Others missed the challenge of the needles altogether. They all went into the pond in one form or another. 

We all come from the stream, we all return to the stream, we all are never separate from the stream even if we see other bubbles that are not us, are not like us, that do not touch us, that have different obstacles from us. We all vanish, we all navigate our own way, we all end up in the koi pond in the end, and there is no rush. 

Mark lives still in Richmond. Or lives less still some times.