China Plate

The other day I heard someone refer to a person as broken.  I started thinking about this statement and came to realize that we are all broken in different ways.  We are like a china plate that is fresh and new when first made.  While using the china plate each day, bits and pieces start to chip away, sometimes in small nicks and sometimes in big flakes.  We chip and crack as we move thru life.  We also gather skills in life that help keep our plate from entirely breaking.  I guess you would call it glue….the glue of life.  The big trick is to apply the glue to our broken parts with care.  You don’t want too much glue as this tends to build up and everything breaks away in too many pieces to put back together.  You don’t want too little glue because the chipping keeps happening over and over.  You need the right amount of glue to seal the chips and cracks to a reasonable semblance.  That way your plate stays durable and roadworthy, ready to keep on going with the knowledge that you have just the right amount of glue to sustain your plate in a healthy place.  

What is this magic glue, the right amount of glue?  I think everyone’s glue is different.  For me, it’s working each day to be the best I can be for myself.  It’s opening my heart and mind to the love around me.  Continuing to hold the hands and hearts of others that are in my life and reaching out to those who I don’t know.  Making sure I count the moments of each day is essential to me.  I tend to move thru things too quickly and with an overwhelming sense of urgency.  I forget to breathe and see what is right in front of me.  I feel like I am always looking ahead.  Oh wait a minute; I am not focusing on the glue….the glue of my life.  

The big trick is to keep that china plate spinning at just the right speed and make sure your glue is applied correctly. 

Richmond, VA.