A Soul So Bright, A Friend So True


Hey, Girl, hey,
I think about you every day,
Thanks for being part of my summer season,
You helped me grow, learn and find reason,
I mourn the loss of you,
A soul so bright, a friend so true,
At night, when I look up at the moon,
I think of you and wish you had not left this life so soon,
When the fall of my life comes to pass,
I’ll still be laughing about those times in Spanish class,
I will help to carry on your light,
To ensure who you were is never out of sight,
And when it’s time for the winter of my life,
I hope that our souls will reunite,
We will travel the atmosphere,
Rejoicing in each other and all that we hold dear,
Two gypsy souls in the night,
Floating gracefully under the starlight,
Until then, sweet girl, I will keep you in my heart,
That way, we’ll never be too far apart.

Danville, VA.