We Need To Talk About This More

How in the mornings 
after coffee and a hot bath 
flannel lined jeans are so delicious, 
Extending the warming of creaking muscles, 
inviting you to greet the day.

We need to talk more about the simple things. 
How a conversation with a train attendant 
Can brighten your outlook, 
even as the rain pours down outside
and the roof above you leaks.
After you acknowledge a train roof really can leak, 
and you really can adapt, be flexible, move over.

We need to talk more about the diving deep moments 
that can come without warning, or notice,
That can hold on tight and take you back 
to a time of beginnings.
And allow you to see,  through older eyes, 
the ten year old in the country club locker room,
Dripping wet, glancing by chance
at the teen aged tan girl with large beautiful breasts,
The tingling shock and excitement 
in stealing that glance,
Decades before you knew you were gay.

We need to talk more about memory 
how important, 
as in the importance of breathing
In the scenes, the actions, 
the smells and sounds, 
The voices that have made us who we are. 
Some matter more.

We need to talk about them all.
All of them

Richmond, VA USA.

PoetryLee SowderComment