I didn't know I had a nervous tick.
We rode the metro for a whole year - so I trained myself to put on chap stick when in large crowds.
My lips have been dry for six months since I stopped riding the metro, but I still shake my foot over my knee.

"Sit like a laaaady" - barks my mother, but she's the sweetest person I know.
Why did I think, "barks"?

I saw a TV show once, where the actors were given the prompt, "you can't use the word, said."
- he spoke
- he hummed
- he barked
But what he didn't do, was "said."

So my brain can't let go of barked or any other adjective until I've beaten it death in my mind.

So my compulsion app read "eight minutes" instead of ten, and I started it over at two just to get the right, "wrong" time.

My anxieties include, but are not limited to, several things I wrote down about "the world ending" in the anxiety section my app that asks for your obsessions and compulsions then forces you to trigger them.

I'd rather scrape my eyes out with a spoon.

Hanover, VA.