Why do we say, “I lost my virginity?”  The word “lost” implies that we are careless, inattentive. When we lose sunglasses, cell phones, keys, and umbrellas, we misplace them. We drop them or leave them under a chair. We put them on top of the car, forget them, and drive away.

If you lose your virginity in a hotel room, you can’t call the concierge to request a replacement. There is no insurance policy for virginity lost in a dorm or the back of a car. Some of us are reckless with virginity. We give it to the wrong person, who takes it, forgets it, and drives away.

We can lose many things in life. Our mind. Our marbles. Our way.

We give. We take. We hide. We seek. 

There is no peace

Until we surrender.

Richmond, VA, USA.