Watch What You Eat

I watch, I must always watch. 
I watch what I buy
I watch what’s in season, what’s fresh and what’s on sale
I watch the amount of time and money I invest in the middle of the store, spending most of my energy on the edge
I watch the latest trends
Gluten this, omg that
I watch the news stands, insta reviews, local bookstores
I watch how it’s made
I watch my portion sizes
I watch the food as it goes from my plate to my face
I watch how fast I eat
How many times I chew
I watch how often I snack
How hungry I am
How much protein I’m getting
I watch the macro and micro nutrients
I watch the acidity and alkalinity of my ph
I watch and watch and watch
I watch my waist
And my thighs
And the way my favorite jeans fit
I watch other women
What they wear
The way they move
I watch and I compare

I am tired of watching

So I try tasting

Kill Devil Hills. Jennifer is an artist, yoga teacher, emerging writer and lifestyle coach. She lives life from her joy lane and works to help others create a life they love. @thiswillbecolorful