The decorations are up and a ridiculous amount of candy is ready to go.
We Irish;
Abnormal affection for potatoes,
Devotion to alcohol far beyond its benefits,
Cry at movies- even the funny ones,
Know all the verses of “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” and “Danny Boy”,
Acknowledge that St. Patrick’s Day is for amateurs,

AND – when it is dark, quiet, and the air hangs in suspension, I can see within my heart the spirits of the dead arising. Some years It has been physically palpable as those of years gone by rise from their graves and wander for the one night of the year that is given to them. They visit family and friends who are filled with joy – a great comfort to a spirit – and try to comfort those in despair. These are loving, kind, and gentle ghosts. They are formed by love and grace.

Sometimes I just miss seeing them as I quickly turn my head; having felt their gentle breath on my neck.

10/30/18, Henrico, VA

Retired restorer of papal vestments whose quiche recipe is served in the Senate dining room.

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