The longer I live the less I believe in an afterlife. Though the concept of reincarnation tempts me now and again. The idea of a spiritual energy collective appeals to me. So upon death we would each make a spiritual energy deposit into this collective. Kind of like a cooperative bank set up for union members and such like.

Maybe the white light we hear about so often is related to the big bang and not a father god beckoning us to a heavenly utopia. 

That thought prompted me to do a bit of research about the big bang. So I turned to the trusty I learned that the universe is expanding which is attributed to the existence of dark matter. Huh? Then there’s the dwarf galaxy problem as well as the cuspy halo problem. Honestly, I was lost long before cuspy halo problem. 

See what I mean. The minute I finally get some curiosity, I’m challenged with dark matter and the dwarf galaxy problem. How’s a girl supposed to wrap her head around that. 

Just as unfathomable to me is imagining, for instance, Einstein’s brain and what it must have been like for him to deal with most of the world not having a clue what he was talking about. Was he lonely?

If there is no afterlife, why do some people have to suffer so much on their crawl to the finish line, while others die peacefully in their sleep. That just don’t seem right to me. 

I can’t honestly tell you I have no fear about dying. I’ve decided to think of it as the next or maybe the final adventure. And then I pray a lot to the spiritual energy collective that I die in my sleep.

The South.