What is Life in 10?

Someone recently asked me what L10 is. Ironically, I was at a loss for words. At least the right words to say at that moment. Because there are not enough words to describe what L10 is. But here, on this page, in 10 minutes, I will try to do it justice.

L10 is sacred space. It is unwavering acceptance. It is finding the universal truth that we are all connected in some way. It is tears and laughter. It is heartbreak and joy. It is bearing witness in silence and bearing your soul in safety. It is a peeling away and a building up. It is tearing down the walls and creating something beautiful. It is a place to reveal the darkness within and then warm it with loving light. It is both relatable and foreign. It is childhood memories and future dreams. It is story after story of love and sex and betrayal and secrets. It is gut wrenching, honest, horrible and beautiful.

It is all woven together to create magic. Magic that heals and comforts. Magic that brings freedom and peace. Magic that can only be found in a place like Life in 10.