Everything is liquid
Stretching back to days spent running through sprinklers on the neighbor's lawns
Roaming closed parks after dark
Screaming out our insides in the middle of barren roads

Everything is liquid
Feels like only yesterday and a cigarette break ago
A shared proclivity for tragedy and we were fast friends
Until one day, too soon, you closed your eyes for good

Everything is liquid
Slips through cracks in the walls and clenched fists
Joy and suffering, gain and loss
Dancing round and round to no end

False sense of self guiding mistakes
False view of the world, holding you back from feeling/being your true self
It’s frightening out in the world
It’s stark and cold and lonely

But pain ebbs and flows out from your heart to sea
Love rushes in, fills in the vacant spaces
A soul to count on
Right by your side

Like snow at the start of summer
It all melts away
It all evaporates 
Everything is liquid

Los Angeles, CA. Hayden is a black, bisexual, writer, poet and activist, who happily resides in Los Angeles with his husband. He’s penned and independently published a novel and two poetry collections to date. His goal to use his work to reveal the parts of life that make us most uncomfortable, while promoting unconditional self-acceptance, and self-exploration.