Stop looking for faults in others as if it is somehow a reward.

A pissing contest of excellence, and you have to be the winner.

The winner of the "I'm exhausted" contest so whatever they did today feels not as productive.

The winner of the "he finds me more attractive" contest so you can put down your friends without saying the words you actually meant.

"I find you ugly, lazy, and I lack empathy for your struggle."

A pissing contest of excellence.
Welcome to the hall of fame, where no one but you will remember your name.

I had a 7th grade teacher, once, shame me for raising my voice at a boy in my class.
I've been unnecessarily loud ever since.

I'm called "that loud, annoying, dumb b**ch, but do you honey" when I stand up for myself.
A fault that I have no problem with.

A fault I demand in other loud, annoying, dumb b**ches.

What I mean is that unnecessary should become a past-time. Ingrained in your brain until it leaks from your pores. 

Excellence in motion feels unnecessary to those that are only interested in pissing contests.

Hanover, VA.