The Women in the Photo

Naked, dancing, they twirl.
A sense of carnal freedom
they never imagined possible
in their lifetime. 
Moonlight bathing their milky white curves
as their toes curl into the coarse dirt.
Dancing 'round and 'round they go
hair falling loosely out of their braids
unbinding, unwinding
all the way to liberation.
Lost in euphoric bliss, ecstasy
to finally be free,
seen just as they are
for all that they are. 

Certainly this momentum must come to a stop.
but oh so understandable.

Why do we strip away these freedoms?
Hiding from ourselves and others?
"Thou shalt not" 
they say.
And for the most part,
we listen and we agree. 

Pagans, hippies, dirty ones.

Maybe because we know.
We know that to live in a world with that much freedom is to live

The lack of focus, lack of discipline, 
the lack of rules catches up to us eventually.

So we march instead of twirl
we listen rather than laugh
we trust the news and get our daily reports from the media.
We turn away from the whispers of the moon
because it's just too dangerous
what we might do, what people might think, 
what we might become.

Kill Devil Hills. Jennifer is an artist, yoga teacher, emerging writer and lifestyle coach. She lives life from her joy lane and works to help others create a life they love.