A Few Good Men

There is a stop sign near our house that many people feel does not apply to them. So I am often paying special attention to those assholes who sail through that intersection. Monday through Friday, there is often a lot of traffic and the left turn lanes are full. As I was driving my kids to school this morning, a man in a large pick-up truck decided that he was more important than anyone else and that other people's safety was of no concern of his. As he sped up to get into the left turn lane ahead of me, never even giving the stop sign a thought, I honked at him, after slamming on my breaks. His arm came out his window and he flipped me off. He was now in front of us as we turned left onto the main road, two lanes going each direction. He kept putting on his breaks and motioning for me to go around him. I hesitated because our exit is off that lane. But after a quarter mile or so of him continuing to do this, I went around. As we passed him, half his body came out his window as he was screaming something and thrusting his middle finger at us again. My son sits in the front seat and my daughter in the back, both on the side of this man and his vulgarity. He then pulled into his driveway. I refrained from calling him names. I refrained from flipping him off in return. What I wanted to do was pull into his driveway and ask him what right he has to ignore traffic laws and spew profanity at someone who calls him out on it. 

On my way back home from dropping them off, I was brooding about the situation. And that question kept running through my mind, and the look of anger and hatred on his face. And then it dawned on me. He reminded me of so many other men lately, who have been called out for doing something wrong, something illegal, and instead of taking responsibility for their actions, they turn their shame on others. 

If it were not for the few men in my life who are wonderful human beings, and the three men I am raising, I would say a lot of not nice things about the male species right now. I would say they are all horrible human beings who feel it is their right to dominate others in this world. But I won't go down that path. Because there are men out there who value women, who value human life no matter who they are. There are men who are trying to make things different. There are men who are standing up in ways that are uncomfortable for them, but do it because they know what is right and what is wrong. I just wish there were more of those men. Because really, fuck the rest of them.