State of the Union 2016-2018 (In a poetic nutshell)

Hillary got dumped,

And America got Trumped.

So now we're all humped!

Our allies are stumped,

While Putin is pumped.

In my throat there's a lump,

When I hear Mr. Trump,

"North Korea, we'll thump!"

You may think me a grump,

But we need Forrest Gump,

Or off a bridge we're going to jump!

Better yet, let's just drink and get high 'till we're crumped!


Richmond, Va

Since retiring from the IT field, I've been exploring writing. I'm most interested in creative non-fiction, and have taken an excellent class recently. I have also jumped into writing some poetry, without really knowing a lot about it. I go by the Zen credo that " A beginner sees many possibilities, while the expert sees only a few."

Stuart DuBreuil1 Comment