Nerve Pain Gang

Right now I am a new member of the nerve pain gang. This week I had a sharp pain in my right leg from my pelvic bone down to my bony toes. The pain ached so much I missed worked for two days. The doctor said I didn’t break a bone. Duh, I thought to myself. She gave me two options: 1) Take the prescribe medicine or 2) get a shot for a possible blood clot. I said no to the shot.

Everything was fine the next two days. But the following morning, I woke up with pain in both legs. I returned to the doctor. This time another doctor saw me. He said it sounds like I have sciatica. I heard that word before. I saw the commercials on TV. What a relief I have nerve pain. I don’t have a rare condition. Then he asked “when you sit for a long time do you feel stiff when you get up.” I said, “yes.” In my head I thought other people have this problem. I am not alone. My mom called my “aunt” in my head and told her what I have. She said her daughter (my cousin) has the same thing.

Yes, I know nerve pain is a serious condition and left untreated it can get worse. Now I know I don’t have a rare disease. I am just a new member of the nerve pain gang.


Richmond, VA

I am currently earning a living as a math teacher. One day soon I will earn my livelihood as a writer.

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