Heart Strings

Is it possible for a girl to experience her first heart break at age ten but fathom what's happening to her heart? Not by no boy, but from a grown man she called father. A father who gave her everything an American kid could ever wanted, but never gave her what she needed. He pulled on her heart strings for seven more years. Pulled, tucked, yanked, until they become numb. She cried herself to sleep at night. Spent long hours thinking "What have I done wrong?" It was years later that she have done nothing wrong, it's just how things are. Her heart has become equally numb and sensitive; she loves harder then most, she colder than most and some feelings are foreign for her. As for her father, he created a fierce woman with her head on her shoulders. Love? If that's his way of showing his love, then she doesn't want it. Her heart strings need time to heal.


Richmond, VA

Shayna WilkinsComment