Agree to Disagree

I know everyone thinks people are too offended by everything these days, and everyone is too politically correct as they constantly police things.

Perhaps some people do overreact, but I also don't think it's too much to be compassionate and considerate of others.

You have to know your audience, and if they're not okay with something accept that and move on. There may be a better place, time, or person that would appreciate what you have to say. Respect other people's boundaries and treat others as you would like to be treated.

I know there was this joke I was told that I did not want to hear, and though I politely asked the person not to tell it three times—he did not respect that. He made a joke about someone hanging themselves. As my uncle had committed suicide I will never find that appropriate or funny. His excuse was that he didn't know and he didn't know my uncle.

He couldn't seem to fathom why I was so angry. I was less offended by the joke as much as I was annoyed that he didn't stop telling said joke when I asked him to stop. His blatant disrespect was hurtful. How you treat people matters.

So instead of insulting someone for their point of view learn to accept that we all have different perspective and not everyone shares yours. Agree to disagree.


Meadville, PA

Linda M. Crate is an author, poet, and writer whose works have appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines both online and in print. She is the author of three published chapbooks and the Magic Series. You can find Linda here:

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