"No! Come back!" I pedaled furiously as the white-feathered thief began to take off into the sky. Its loud wings carried it higher every second as my legs worked and strained themselves. As I neared the white pigeon, I freed one of my handlebars from my right hand's death grip to reach upwards. It was too late, though. The snowy avian climbed into the sky as I swung my arm, missing it.
I lost my balance and my bike tilted to the left until I found myself tossed onto the sidewalk. My body skidded to a stop, as did my bike. I stood up, anger burning my stomach as I saw my receipt and the bird nowhere to be seen. Now I'm really screwed.


Ashland, VA

This author is a 14-year-old citizen of Virginia. They love all kinds of fiction as well as music.

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