Someone Lingers

I could have gone on
The 'next' word uttered could be a prophecy
The last word escaped into thin air
That's how the dead started stalking
My own sentences knew to twist and coil
Childhood 'hanged' –
in-between two ends of a smile
I became a man and screamed 'love'
I trusted in its 'meaning' 
more than the word length & duration
and dictionaries ill-educated me.

The 'printing mistake' still prevails
as man always mistakes his lover's tenure
He leaves unfinished sentences
He can never complete it
Death never reaches its end, it returns

I want her to live when I leave
I did utter love, I made time witness
a uselessness chasing it/ racing with it.



Daipayan Nair born on 1988, is a poet/essayist/short-story writer, hailing from the city of Silchar, India.

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