Familial Strangers

My mother died 3 days after her 75th birthday. As I look at my calendar, I realize she died a month ago today. My relationship with her was difficult, fraught with emotional landmines and potholes. In more ways than she would acknowledge, we were strangers. Tomorrow, I will find myself flying to California to attend her memorial service, to be among strangers who are related to me by blood, strangers I have not seen nor spoken to for more than 30 years, strangers who call themselves family but have had nothing to do with me my entire life. I go with very low expectations. I go with one mission: to finish saying goodbye to the stranger who was my mother among a group of other strangers.


Norman, OK

Krishanna is a writer, visual artist, and insightful mentor. Currently working toward her first book, she has a vague plan and a belief that now is the right time to anything. She shares life with a lovable curmudgeon, a bulldog, and a half Siamese Calico cat. Blogging at www.justkissmyhiney.wordpress.com

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