I didn’t see you coming. I know that’s what everyone says, but really. There were no sparkle-eyed wedding fantasies at first sight. I remember our first meeting, and I remember the stray possibility as it passed through my brain and I thought to myself, “no, not him.” 

My heart was states away, chasing down another impossibility back then. Unfinished business. But when the months passed by and I’d swallowed down another heartache, you cropped back up again. You hadn’t gone anywhere. Were you waiting all this time? 

I am the Fort Knox of guarded emotions but there must have been some chink in the wall you found because I’ve never been pursued with such single mindedness. It’s overwhelming. Now you’re threaded everywhere in my thoughts like this tangled string of “maybe, maybe, maybe.” But if you keep hammering down all my walls and crack me wide open, will you still like what you see? 

You terrify me.


Richmond, VA

A Richmond native, Grace Williams is a freelance writer and guest blogger at As Told Over Brunch. When not working, she’s probably picking apart her novel draft or cooking something ambitious.

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