Neither Heaven nor Hell

My current existence
plays out on the stage
of earthly purgatory. 

Stuck in limbo- 
playing the waiting game; 
for my sea of life to flow in one direction or another, 
ending the slow and stagnant dance of its savage gray waves, 
for my Maker to choose
the path my life is to take. 

Neither in Heaven, 
nor in Hell- 
Neither perfectly content, 
nor perfectly miserable; 
I am trapped. 

Lying somewhere in the middle ground
I have not
found this pain’s “cure”, 
truly “arrived” at the party of my own life- 
Nor have I
earned others’ help, care, love. 

I lie trapped in the gray area; 
trapped in my own mind, 
trapped in purgatory on Earth: 
land of the painfully average lives of the fatally average living.


Richmond, VA

While the thought of the daunting writing process often produces anxiety of epic proportions within her, Hannah is passionate about writing poetry that leaves her soul feeling raw and bare, aching and revealed. Her writing philosophy: if your writing doesn't leave your heart feeling at least a bit on the sore side, at least a bit vulnerable and exposed, you probably aren't writing about the correct topics- the topics that truly should be, and need to be, written about.

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