The Butterfly

There is nothing more poetic and free than a butterfly. So simple, yet so complex. So uniform, yet its liberties are almost endless. When most see butterflies, they think of the majesty of its current being. But, when I see butterflies, I see a traveler on the opposite end of their journey with new possibilities ahead. An overcomer. Most see caterpillars as the former state of a butterfly. I try to imagine a struggling soul, in need of a new perspective. Every layer of skin is a fear overcome. Layer after layer, the caterpillar grows to be better. And, just when all hope is lost, a new form emerges. A form with all sorts of abilities that the caterpillar was incapable of. Next time change happens and life gets messed up, put on the "butterfly mindset" power through being a caterpillar, to become a butterfly. As Shakespeare said: "We know what we are, but not what we might become."


Richmond, VA

Hi, I am a 13 year old girl from Virginia.

Audrey BobbComment